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I am happy to announce that I am accepting commissions for pet portraits.  Because I am

employed full-time and am furthering my education, I can only accept a limited number of

commissions each month. But I love art and I will try my best to be available.  It's my break from

the harsh realities of work and school!


STYLE:  When commissioning an artist, please be sure that you like what you see when you

review their work.  Different artists have different styles.  If you are looking for hyperrealism,

for example, I may not be your artist of choice. My style of portrait is sampled below. 

You can also follow me on Instagram to see more of my work (@ReverieGirlArt).  

MEDIUM: The portraits are done with pan pastels, soft pastels and pastel pencils. Other mediums may be used.  A variety of surfaces may be used depending on what I believe will best work for the portrait.  

SIZE:  Most portraits are done on 9x12.  Larger or smaller portraits are available however larger portraits will increase pricing.  

FRAMING/SHIPPING:  I leave the framing to you because the color and style of frame are very personal to each person and the weight of a frame will add significantly to shipping costs.  Every portrait is packed carefully for protection during shipping.  I encourage you to get portraits framed by professionals.  Pastel surfaces should not be touched or scratched.  You will be provided with a shipment tracking number.  Please note that I am not responsible for shipments lost or damaged in transit.  This is rare but if it should happen, we can explore solutions.  


LICENSING AND COPYRIGHT:  You may post the art on social media but may not reproduce the art or publish it for commercial use.  It is requested that you include a credit and tag to Reverie Girl Art Studio if you post my work.  Please do not claim the art as your own work and do not remove my signature from the piece.  All rights are reserved by me to use the image for advertising or other commercial use unless the customer pays a transfer of rights fee of an additional $200.   Sharing my work is an important aspect of business development but you may request that I delay publishing the art in progress or when completed onto my media sites if it is to be gifted or for some other reason.  Just let me know ahead of time and I'm happy to accommodate.  


PRICING:  For a limited time, 9x12 pet portraits are $50 per subject (pet) plus shipping. Two pets will be $100 plus shipping, etc.   My portrait style is sampled below.  If you would like something different, then we can further discuss pricing related to the complexity of the request.  Your purchase price is guaranteed at the time the deposit is made.  Otherwise, portrait prices will tend to increase over time. 


DEPOSIT:  A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to begin work as an investment is made in both time and supplies.  The portrait will need to be paid in full before it is shipped.   If something should happen to me (or around me) that keeps me from completing your commission in six weeks and we are unable to agree on an extended timeline, I will refund you the deposit with my sincerest regrets...sometimes life just happens to us.  If you cancel the project prior to the six-weeks, you forfeit the deposit.  If you have to cancel because something horrible has happened, let's talk about it.  

REFERENCE PHOTOS:  You will need to provide several photos of your pet.  Photos that show the eyes clearly are best.  I have worked with blurry photos but the clearer the photo, the better the results.  If the pet is deceased and clear photos are not available, I may take some creative license to add details based on the pet's breed, color and age.  I will try to do this so it doesn't change the personality of your pet.  

CHECKING IN:  I will check in with you on the WIP (work in progress) once or twice during the process.  The most important thing is to be sure I have the eyes and the expression right.  Once the portrait is complete, I will share one more proof with you before completing the sale and preparing the portrait for shipping.  

TIMELINE:  Please allow 4-6 weeks for portrait completion.  I can normally complete a portrait much sooner.  However, life is full of surprises.  Artists get sick, momentarily misplace their mojo, or otherwise deal with the challenges everyone else faces.  So, let's give ourselves a good buffer to allow for those obstacles. If something unforeseen should happen (a natural disaster, a long illness, etc.), I am unable to complete the portrait in six weeks, and we are unable to agree on an extended date of completion, I will refund your deposit.   If you cancel the project prior to the six-weeks, you forfeit the deposit.  If you cancel the project because something very bad has happened in your life, let's talk about it.  

HOW TO GET STARTED: email me at and include a photo of your fur baby.   Tell me about their personality.   I will let you know my availability, timeline and provide additional information.  

And, hey....thank you for supporting art and small business! 

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