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  • This heart-shape pendant contains run-off (also called skins) from one of my poured acrylic projects.  Every pendant is hand-made and unique, just like you.  


    My Conflicted Heart is a display of our own conflicted feelings; reds of passion or anger, pinks for desire and want, silvery greys for the hardening of our hearts when we are in pain and some thin ribbons of jealous greens.  Amid all of this conflict, is a strong and pronounced white, piercing the center of the heart and trying with honor and goodness to control all others.  Will it succeed?   It is set in a bronze plated bezel.  1" x 1". 


    Purchase includes an 18" black necklace cord with clasp.


    While it's my goal for the pictures to show the colors as true to life as possible, different computers/monitors may display colors a little differently than they actually are.  


    My Conflicted Heart

    SKU: APH18006
    • Handmade item constructed of a bezel and cabochon.   Varnish, epoxy and/or resin may be used on this item.