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  • This oval pendant was created using acrylic paint "skins" from one of my acrylic paint pour projects.  Every pendant is hand-made and unique, just like you.  


    Heart in Holding is a beautiful blend of reds, pinks, blacks and whites.  Interstingly enough the skin patterned itself in such a way that created that heart shaped cutout in the middle.  It was a gift to find that imperfect but noble heart in the midst of that pour.  So I quickly captured it and it's yours to hold.  


    It is set in a decorative oval bronze plated bezel.   1 and 3/4 " in length and 1 and 1/2" width.   


    Purchase includes an 18" black necklace cord with clasp.


    While it's my goal for the pictures to show the colors as true to life as possible, different computers/monitors may display colors a little differently than they actually are.  


    Heart In Holding

    SKU: APO18606
    • Handmade item constructed of a bezel and cabochon.   Varnish, epoxy and/or resin may be used on this item.