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This owl-shaped pendant is made using acrylic paint run off called "skins" from one of my projects.  Every pendant is hand-made and unique, just like you.  


Chordata Ave is the Phyllym and Class of the True Owl found on every single continent except for Antarctica.  This particular piece displays a beautiful swirl of yellows and golds.    It is set in an owl-shaped, bronze-plated bezel.  2 1/2" in length x  1 1/2" wide.


Purchase includes an 18" brown necklace cord with clasp.


While it's my goal for the pictures to show the colors as true to life as possible, different computers/monitors may display colors a little differently than they actually are.  


Chordata Ave Yellow

SKU: 19101
  • Handmade item constructed of a bezel and cabochon.   Varnish, epoxy and/or resin may be used on this item.